Monday, December 15, 2014

FPV Nano QX Racing

Look no further for the greatest way to challenge your bro to an epic indoor race. The FPV Nano QX is a bite-sized drone capable of putting you in the pilot's seat. Not only is this thing very lightweight and durable, its equipped with a camera and wireless video transmitter that allows you to see what it sees in real time. Slap on the included goggles and immerse yourself in a world you haven't experienced ever before.

Fly through the living room while ducking under the coffee table. Zoom through the office while checking in on your employees from the comfort of your own chair. Even check into the kitchen to see if that beer is still in the fridge. Yes, the FPV Nano QX can do it!

There is almost no limit to what you can attempt with the FPV Nano QX, Just make sure the wife doesn't catch you spying on her!

This video also says a lot about what you can do, and we had a blast making it!