Tuesday, September 2, 2014

How to Calibrate Your DX4 Gimbals

If you own a DX4 or received one when you purchased your 350 QX2, you may want to calibrate your sticks every so often to keep your radio running in tip-top shape. If you also have noticed that your 350 QX2 is making a beeping tone without any input in Smart Mode, a calibration is required. 

Step 1: In order to get into the stick calibration mode, you first need to make sure your flight mode switch (front left switch) is in position "2" (lowest position) and the Return Home switch (front right switch) is in the "Home" position.

Now, hold both sticks in the lower left corners and simultaneously hold the bind button while turning on the radio. Once you hear a series of beeps, you can then release the sticks and bind button. The far right green LED will flash indicating the radio is in calibration mode.

Step 2:  Start with left Gimbal. Move and hold in the lower left corner and press BIND button one time, “beep beep” will be heard.

Step 3: Move left Gimbal to center and press the BIND button one time, “beep beep” will be heard.

Step 4: Move and hold the left Gimbal to the upper right corner and press the BIND button one time, “beep beep” will be heard.

Step 5: Move and hold the right Gimbal to the lower left corner and press the BIND button one time “beep beep” will be heard.

Step 6: Move right Gimbal to center and press the BIND button one time, “beep beep” will be heard.

Step 7: Move and hold the right Gimbal to the upper right corner and press the BIND button one time, “beep beep” will be heard.

A series of tones will be heard and the LED will go solid, calibration complete 

We hope this helps!

Monday, October 28, 2013

700 X Video Build Series

Our good friend and Team Horizon pilot, Edsel Labao, has put together a really nice build series on the 700 X.

Part 1 Rotor head assembly - http://youtu.be/Xxe3kNHF3pM
Part 2 Frame assembly - http://youtu.be/z60zVlZ-Oc4
Part 3 Tail Assembly and Final wrap up - http://youtu.be/YdYPbKbB2jE

 Great work Edsel!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

180 QX HD - Fun Flying Camera-Quad with SAFE!

Introducing the Blade 180 QX HD, the newest eye in the sky from Blade!

Not only have we taken the extremely popular mQX and completely changed its flying characteristics for the better by adding SAFE technology, we've added a 720p camera in the box that you can control from the transmitter!

The Blade 180 QX Features the EFC-720 camera from E-Flite. This camera comes out of the box with a 2GB SD card and is capable of shooting software enhanced 720p video or taking 1.3mp photos! We have been getting around 30 minutes of video or 15,000 photos with the included card. Of course, you can expand the camera to a 32GB card if you wish too!

This camera can be completely controlled by the RTF transmitter or your Spektrum transmitter. Stop and start video and even take photos right from the transmitter. Switch between modes by holding the trigger for 4 seconds and the camera will swap into video mode. Hold it for 4 seconds again and it will jump into photo mode. The next really nice feature about the camera is that it can be removed and placed on any other model you choose. Got an open receiver channel? Yep, you can control it on another platform! Oh did we mention it has a microphone too?

The flight characteristics are extremely improved due to SAFE technology. Flown the Nano QX? Yea, the 180 QX flys just as good. Flat pirouettes, crisp flight control and the dual stability mode is pretty nice too. High-Angle Stability and Low-Angle Stability give the pilot two self leveling modes to choose from. Less bank angle provides a smoother flight envelope for filming. If you have the desire for aerobatics, Agility mode is perfect for you guys out there that just want to do some fun quadcopter aerobatics.

If you've flown or owned the mQX, the 180 QX is truely a step up in overall performance and the parts transfer over! There are only 4 new parts for the 180 QX HD.

We expect to start shipping this December. Just in time for the holidays!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Nano QX ROCKS!

If you are looking for a small quad copter that can be flown by just about anyone, you should check out the new Blade Nano QX. with SAFE technology, the Nano QX comes standard with two flight modes that will surely make it appeal to a variety of piloting skills . Stability mode limits the Nano QX from any adverse attitude and will not allow the model to flip upside down. This mode also features self level which will level the model back out when the sticks are released! Agility mode opens up the Nano QX to aerobatics such as loops, rolls and flips! If you have flown the mQX, Agility mode will be what you are used to flying in.

The Nano QX is available in BNF for $69.99 or RTF for $89.99 and will be available in June 2013

Check it out guys!!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Blade 550 X Video Build Series

Check out this incredibly helpful video build series from Edsel Labao of Team Horizon Heli.

Part 1 Introduction and Tools required for the build - http://youtu.be/RJikJur3Qbs
Part 2 Rotorhead assembly - http://youtu.be/P-aVz7pBYPM
Part 3 Frame assembly - http://youtu.be/vZpYuKX8XZM
Part 4 Tail Assembly - http://youtu.be/cVZK_p7OMeg
Part 5 Wrap up and Flight video - http://youtu.be/M54iCeeCds8

Friday, February 8, 2013

E-fest Weekend! and Juan Pablo Montoya and his custom 550 X!

This weekend Blade will be attending the E-Fest indoor event where we will have our pilots flying all our newest products including the mCP X BL from Blade! The new CX4 will be on display as well for your viewing pleasure and many of our Team Horizon Pilots will be in attendance to help you with any questions you may have. If you are in the area, come say hi to the Horizon Team!

E-fest information: http://www.hobbico-efest.com/

Recently Juan Pablo Montoya, F-1 and NASCAR driver and Horizon Team pilot built a brand new 550 X and has been loving it! His custom canopy looks pretty sharp too!

Follow Juan on Twitter @jpmontoya

Don't forget to like us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/bladehelis!

See you next time!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A New Era...

This is an extremely exciting time for the Blade team and our fans! We are about to embark on a new era that not only will change the face of Blade but will shake the industry up too! Although little information is currently available we urge you to join our Facebook page to keep up with the news about this new announcement. 

We will have another update about this new era for blade later this week, but for now we just wanted to let the world know that we have something up our sleeve! Keep an eye out for something cool from us in the very near future.

See you in Orlando!

Steve Petrotto
Blade Brand Manager