Friday, July 13, 2012

300 X shipping and Blade joins Facebook!

Happy Friday Blade enthusiasts!

Before we get into the rest of this weeks Blog post... THE BLADE 300 X IS SHIPPING!! Whew, had to get the excitement out somewhere. Look for them online or at your local hobby shops soon. Depending on your geographical location, you may even get yours for this weekend! Lucky!

On another note, 

Blade has been making some strides to help keep the lines of communication open for our fans, but we need your help! Just this past week, we launched the Blade Facebook page. This is the perfect place where we can keep in touch with what you guys need and what our of blade. We can't wait to start posting awesome pictures from the field, factory and everyday life at Blade. Also, we will be bringing you the most up to date information about new announcements, updates and tips from the experts.

We want you to add your photos of your fleet and post any comments or questions you have. We will do our best to answer them, but always remember our world class product support team is available at your convenience.The bigger our Facebook community gets, the better. So tell your friends, family and even your neighbors dog about it. Yea, he has a Facebook too. Be a part of the conversation and enjoy being a part of the Blade family.

Subscribe to our YouTube channel at

Until next week...

Keep em' Flying, 
Steve Petrotto
Blade Brand Manager

Monday, July 9, 2012

Introducing the Blade 500 X Invitational @ IRCHA 2012!

We developed the 500 X to be an all-out, ballistic, 3D thriller that was capable of any 3D maneuver you can throw at it. With its flybarless design, BeastX technology and incredible power system, the 500 X is everything you could want out of a 500 sized 3D machine.

Lately at Blade, we have been eager to see what the 500 X can do in the hands of some talented pilots. So we got together with Spektrum, and the great people over at IRCHA to create an exciting event. This year at the 2012 IRCHA Jamboree we will host the Blade 500 X invitational. The first event of its kind, the 500 X Invitational is designed to have 5 talented pilots fly the DX18 and the 500 X in a heart-throbbing 3D freestyle competition at center stage on Saturday at IRCHA 2012. Applicants should head over to the Blade website where they can find information about applying for an invitation and more about the 500 X.

This is the perfect opportunity if you have had your eye on the new 500 X and the DX18. We will select 5 talented pilots based on their video submissions to attend the event. Each pilot will perform a 3 1/2 minute freestyle routine to their own music using the 500 X and the DX18 to wow the judges.

Prizes Totaling $ 2600 

First Place: Blade 500 X & Spektrum DX 18
Second Place: Blade 500 X
Third Place: Spektrum DX 18

Do you have what it takes?

Best of Luck, 

Steve Petrotto
Blade Brand Manager