Tuesday, October 6, 2015

MACH 25 Wins Korean FPV Championships

This past weekend the Mach 25 took its first major win at the 2015 Korean FPV championships! Team Horizon Pilot YoungRok Son took the lead with his brand new Mach 25. It was so new that he barely had time to get practice flights on it before the event, but it performed flawlessly. A true testament to its BNF nature. In addition to the Mach 25, the Spektrum DX18 was used to win as well. YounRok took away over $4,000 USD in winnings at the end of the weekend!

The Mach 25 is perfect FPV racing platform designed for pilots looking to get into FPV with a hassle free experience. Its available now at your local hobby shop or horizonhobby.com.