Thursday, April 15, 2010

Which Blade’s for you?

Blade helps pilots achieve success and graduate to new levels of heli fun. Level 1 starts newcomers out with ultra-micro and micro coaxial helis, like the mCX, mCX2, CX2 or CX3. The dual, counter-rotating blades found on coaxials provide great stability for beginners. Level 2 features self-stabilizing single-rotor helis, like the mSR. These helis still offer positive stability, yet feature increased agility and speed through their unique rotor head design. Finally, heli enthusiasts can tackle advanced heli maneuvers with the CCPM machines of Level 3. These helis range from tuned-down single rotors for first-time CCPM pilots (like the SR) to all-out 3D machines like the CP Pro 2 and Blade 400. Visit to check out everything you need to progress through the different levels of heli excitement, including accessories.